5 Tiger Movies To Celebrate Chinese New Year

The Year of the Water Tiger was welcomed on 1 February 2022 and will last until January 21, 2023. The tiger is the third of twelve Chinese Zodiac signs and people born in this year are predicted to be brave, competitive, unpredictable, confident and display great levels of willpower. The tiger itself is also regarded as the king of all beasts in China making the following twelve months very special. So, what tiger-themed movies can you watch to celebrate the New Year in style? Here are five of the best.


The Tiger Who Came to Tea is a much-loved storybook by Judith Kerr about a tiger who visits a young girl and her mum for tea - and ends up eating everything in their home. But did you know it’s also a beautiful, hand-drawn animation movie perfect for young kids? And if you like the movie, you can also see this cheeky tiger tale performed live on stage. The Tiger Who Came to Tea theatre production is currently touring the UK and is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in St Helens with kids.


Two Brothers is a heartwarming story about two tiger cub siblings who are captured and separated from their parents as cubs. While one lives a more domesticated lifestyle, the other is taught to be a circus animal. The pair are reunited a year later as adults to find their way back home, but they must avoid being captured by notorious game-hunter McRory. The duo cause plenty of chaos on the way, from eating food on a bus to bathing in a woman’s home and scaring people crossing a bridge. But will they eventually reunite with their mother and live happily ever after?


Life of Pi is a philosophical story ideal for older kids, teens and adults. After deciding to sell their zoo in India and move to Canada, the Patels board a freighter with their sons and a few remaining animals. When a terrible storm sinks the ship, the Patels’ teenage son, Pi, becomes the only human survivor and is left alone with a fearsome Bengal tiger who has also found refuge aboard a lifeboat. As the days pass by, the pair must learn to trust each other if they’re both to survive.


Everyone’s favourite bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun character from Winnie the Pooh has his very own movie. And it’s one of the most kid-friendly tiger movies out there. As a timeless classic, first released in 2000, The Tigger Movie follows Tigger as he tries to find more tigers like him. Although he fails to discover anyone with his unique and super bouncy character, he soon learns how important it is to accept others for who they are.


While the main character of this movie is a panda, the cool Tigress (voiced by Angelina Jolie) plays a big role. She’s a member of the Furious Five, one of Master Shifu’s students at the Jade Palace and an all-round expert of tiger-style Kung Fu. She started life as a cub at the Bao Gu Orphanage, but after receiving help in controlling her strength and temper she is able to fight alongside Po as a loyal friend and ally.

Tiger movies are great fun and the perfect way to acknowledge the Chinese New Year. Don’t forget to also book your tickets to The Tiger Who Came to Tea which is undoubtedly one of the best days out in St Helens.