6 Tiger Themed Activities to do in London

If your children are fascinated by tigers and want to learn more about them, why not plan a roarsome day of tiger themed fun in London? These beautiful, striped creatures are dotted all around the capital, so here are six tiger related activities to enjoy while you’re in the city.


  1. Discover The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Don’t miss The Tiger Who Came to Tea, an interactive production currently showing at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. Based on the popular children’s story by Judith Kerr, this show is packed with interactive fun, so check out family theatre near me and book your tickets today.


  1. Spot a Tiger Striped Post Box

After taking in one of the best theatre shows for under 5s in London, head to the entrance of London Zoo which is just a stone’s throw from the theatre. Here. you’ll find a tiger striped donation post box that makes for a great photo prop.


  1. Admire Tiger-Themed Artwork

While in London, you can also admire some of the city’s best tiger artwork. There’s a reproduction of Henri Rousseau’s famous tiger at Charing Cross tube station, for instance, as well as a mural that pays homage to William Blake’s poem Tyger Tyger in Old Street, Finsbury.


  1. See ‘Tippoo’s Tiger’

Head to the Victoria and Albert Museum and marvel at Tippoo’s Tiger. This was made for Tipu Sultan, who ruled Mysore in South India during the late 1700s and is one of the museum’s most fascinating artefacts. Almost true to size, the model shows a tiger mauling a European soldier. Interestingly and somewhat bizarrely, there’s also an organ concealed inside the tiger’s body which can be operated by turning a handle.


  1. Check out the Tiger Sculpture at Tobacco Dock

Make your way to Tobacco Dock in Wapping and discover one of the most unique statues the city has to offer. It depicts a small boy’s encounter with a tiger who reportedly escaped from Jamrach’s Emporium and carried the boy off.


The full story goes like this: A full grown Bengal tiger, having just arrived at Jamrach's Emporium, burst open his wooden transit box and quietly trotted down the road. Everybody scattered except an eight year old boy, who, having never seen such a large cat, went up to it with the intent of stroking its nose. A tap of the great soft paw stunned the boy and, picking him up by his jacket, the tiger walked down a side alley. Mr. Jamrach, having discovered the empty box, came running up and, thrusting his bare hands into the tiger's throat, forced the beast to let his captive go. The little boy was unscathed and the subdued tiger was led back to his cage.


  1. Have a Tiger-Themed Picnic in the Park


With so many beautiful parks dotted around the capital, you’re sure to find the perfect place for a tiger -themed picnic. Make tiger bread sandwiches for your adventure, bake an orange and brown marble cake for pudding and maybe even decorate cookies to look like your favourite striped creatures.


When it comes to children’s theatre near me, don’t miss The Tiger Who Came to Tea. It really is a wonderful production for the whole family.