A step by step guide to making a Tiger inspired milkshake

The Tiger

A step by step guide to making a Tiger inspired milkshake

So, you’ve just come back from watching the live show of Tiger Who Came To Tea after searching high and low for things to do with kids in Chelmsford. And you’re now inspired to do something fun and tasty following your fun experience with the Tiger but not sure what to do?


How about making a Tiger inspired milkshake?


Throw away the milkshake making rule book and roll your sleeves up, it's about to get messy! Whether your favourite is Strawberry, Peppermint fudge or Bananarama learn how to make milkshakes from scratch with our step-by-step guide.


Step 1: Ice Cream

Two to three scoops of ice cream is the base for any milkshake. Though you can scoop in any flavor of ice cream you prefer—from classic chocolate or mint-chip, to newfangled custom creations—starting with vanilla gives you a blank slate for adding syrups, fruit, candy, and any other flavors and mix-ins you can dream up.


Step 2: Milk 

A couple of glugs of whole milk will help the ice cream transform from solid to shake material. Start with less than ¼ cup for 3 scoops, and trickle in more only as needed. Be sure to let your ice cream soften before scooping. If it’s too hard, you might end up having to add more milk, which thins the shake.


Step 3: Flavoring

We’re going to make a strawberry shake, so we’ll add 1/2 cup frozen unsweetened strawberries and 1 tablespoon strawberry preserves. If you want a totally smooth effect, throw in your strawberries early. If you want to leave some texture, toss them in towards the end.


Step 4: Blending

It’s time to blend away. You’ll want to keep an eye on the consistency. This recipe creates a Goldilocks-style shake: not too firm and not too soft (runny). Of course, you can always customize it either way. Use less milk for a thicker, spoonable shake; more for a thinner, sippable one.


Step 5: Pour the milkshake into your chilled glass

If the milkshake is the right thickness and consistency, you should need to use the spoon to get it out of the blender and into the glass. If it slides out easily, it's too thin or over-mixed and you'll want to add more ice cream.


Step 6: Garnishes 

Garnish with a little extra of your chosen ingredients (like a fresh strawberry for your strawberry shake) or layer on toppings like chocolate syrup, sugary cereal or rainbow sprinkles.


Step 7: Serving 

Serve shakes with a big straw and a long spoon—for nostalgic and practical purposes. You’ll need both to absorb the thick liquid and pick out the chunkier mix-ins and garnishes. 


Want to make a milkshake inspired by a Tiger following a great family day out in Essex? Are you still looking for things to do in Chelmsford? Find out more and join us to see Tiger Who Came To Tea live in Chelmsford! Book your tickets for Sun 7 April or Mon 8 April!


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