Christmas Present Ideas for Tiger Lovers

The time for celebrations comes loaded with presents. These special gifts can leave a mark on everyone, especially if they are well thought out. Even more important is learning what each person wants as their Christmas present. But more often than not, kids and adults love tigers!

So, here is a list of some great Christmas present ideas for you tiger lovers.


Want to win someone’s heart with a fluffy buddy? Want to buy a gift that every age group can appreciate? 

A life-sized tiger stuffed toy is the perfect answer! Pack it up real nice so you don’t give it away before it is opened. And the best part about a life-sized stuff toy? It never goes out of style and you can’t stop loving it!


Want to have your gift displayed on your loved one’s wall? Want to help your friend decorate their new home?

 Well, a giant white tiger is one of the most majestic creatures out there. And a true tiger lover will surely love a poster! Your friends will love you every time they see that beautiful poster hanging on their walls. 


Looking for something unique and antique this Christmas? Want to give your loved one something to show off your love for them?

There could not be a better Christmas gift than the Chinese zodiac pocket watch! The intricate carvings of tigers on these designs are to die for. Moreover, you get to teach your loved one to be on time. What more could you ask for?


If you want to keep your loved ones warm and add something extra to their style statement, go with a hoodie.

A hoodie printed with a fierce tiger face on it is something that a tiger lover will always enjoy. Pairing it with a tiger designed sweatshirt will make your present charming.


What could be a better Christmas present for your kids or friends than getting them a ticket to see the the 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea', childrens favourite theatre show in London!

Yes, the Tiger is back in town! This magical kids' theatre show is packed full of amusing fun-filled adventures, songs, mischief, and magic that Judith Kerr penned down for all children. 


If you are looking for the purrfect Christmas treat, join us at Theatre Royal Haymarket, London, to see the classic children's theatre favourite 'Tiger Who Came To Tea'.

Playing from Mon 9th Dec to Sun 19th Jan, come one, come all and enjoy this beautiful kids show in London and have the time of your life.

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