Family Shows in Norwich: The Magical Moments of The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Celebrating fourteen years on stage, The Tiger Who Came to Tea offers perfect entertainment for the whole family. Based on the popular picture book by Judith Kerr, this heart-warming production is one of the best kids theatre shows in Norwich, so don’t miss out on oodles of fun with your loved ones. Here’s what makes The Tiger Who Came to Tea so magical:


  1. A Story We Know and Love

When it comes to family shows in Norwich, The Tiger Who Came to Tea is popular for many reasons. Firstly, it’s a childhood classic, beautifully retold on stage with the help of talented actors, brightly coloured costumes and creative sets. Secondly, the show doesn’t stray too far from the original book, so if you’ve read the tale before to your children they’ll be able to follow along easily. And if you haven’t, then it won’t take long for them to catch on.


  1. Plenty of Surprises and Extras

Shows for kids should be energetic, charismatic, entertaining and full of life - and The Tiger Who Came to Tea doesn’t fail to deliver. As well as retelling the story we all know and love, the show offers plenty of extras including clumsy chaos, plenty of magic and a host of interactive songs that are designed to keep kids smiling from ear-to-ear. The show also runs for just 55 minutes with no interval making it perfect for smaller children. Indeed, the show is recommended for little ones ages three and above.


  1. Meeting the Tiger

The Tiger Who Came to Tea is cleverly cast with all actors doing a brilliant job of bringing this iconic story to life on stage. But there’s one character the kids are always super excited to meet - the Tiger himself. When the Tiger comes on stage he looks incredibly impressive. He’s large, his tail moves and he has smooth, cat-like movements that make him seem realistic. Children are asked to shout out during this interactive show and can really get involved with all characters including the one and only Tiger. We don’t want to give too much away, but the visuals really are impressive and the bright costume is mesmerising.


  1. Plenty of Anticipation

The first part of the show is all about anticipation. Every time the doorbell rings, the audience thinks it’s going to be the Tiger, but at first, it’s not. When the Tiger eventually arrives you just see his paw which, of course, drives the children wild. Expect plenty of mischief and ‘he’s behind you’ calls as you watch the room light up with happy laughter and smiles.

It’s easy to see why The Tiger Who Came to Tea is so popular. Book your tickets for this Olivier Award nominated show today and make family memories to last a lifetime. You can catch it at the Theatre Royal from 2-4 March.