Fun ways to stay active like a tiger: Tiger yoga and exercise

Tigers are active animals with large territories, the size of which are determined by the availability of prey. Some tigers roam areas of up to several hundred square kilometres, while others have territories of closer to 20 square kilometres. Perhaps that’s why the tiger in The Tiger Who Came to Tea only visits Sophie’s house once - as a male, his stomping grounds could be huge. You can catch The Tiger Who Came to Tea at the Theatre Royal Haymarket from 10 July until 3 September 2023 - don’t miss out on one of the best plays in London.


If you want to stay active like a big cat this summer, here are some purrfect exercises to help you tap into your inner tiger.


Tiger pose, yoga

You can start your tiger exercises gently with a calming tiger pose from yoga. This pose stretches and warms the back muscles. Start on your hands and knees, and take a breath in as you tuck your knee towards your chest. Then breathe out and reach your foot out behind you and up towards the ceiling. Arch your back and look up too. Repeat 4-8 times with each leg.


Tiger crawl

The tiger crawl is a great exercise for coordination and strength, and really gives you the feeling of how a tiger moves. Begin on your hands and knees and then lift your knees off the ground a little so that you’re on your hands and toes. Slowly move forwards with opposite hand and foot, so your right leg and left hand move forwards together, then your left leg and right hand. Keep your back flat throughout.


Want to make it a little tougher? Start in a push up position with your forearms on the ground and when you step forward with your right foot, bring your knee to your elbow as you slide the left forearm forward. Again, keep your back flat throughout.


Tiger push up

Ready for things to get really challenging? Try a tiger push up. Get into a push up position with your legs straight and your hands stacked beneath your shoulders. Then see if you can lower all the way down until you’re resting on your forearms before pushing back up. Keep your elbows next to your ribcage and make sure your back stays flat - don’t let your bottom stick up into the air as you lower. This is a really tough one, so don’t be disheartened if you struggle.



If you prefer water based activities, you can still exercise like a tiger, because they love to swim! Be like your favourite big cat simply by popping on your swimming gear and heading to your local pool for a good splash. Tigers are thought to be able to swim for several miles, but a few lengths of the pool will be plenty.


If you’re looking for summer activities in London, don’t miss The Tiger Who Came to Tea. As one of the best shows in London for kids, it’s packed with sing-along songs, clumsy chaos and magic that will enchant the whole family. Book your tickets today.