Make Your Own ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ Puppet Show

When it comes to family fun days, sometimes all you need is a little creativity. So why not make your own puppet show based on the hit story and theatre production, The Tiger Who Came to Tea? Here’s a roarsome guide to get you started.

What You’ll Need:

For your puppet show to be successful, you’ll need:


First things first: you’ll need to make puppets of all the main characters including the Tiger, Sophie, Mummy and Daddy. You can do this by cutting out character shapes from cardboard and decorating them with fabric, googly eyes, paints and more. Attach a lollipop stick to the back of each puppet so you can move them around easily. For an easier option, find the characters online, print a good picture of them and stick this to some cardboard.

For the Tiger himself, you could find an old stripy sock or add colourful stripes, eyes and other details to a white sock. When your hand is inside the sock you can make the tiger talk, so think about this when you’re positioning the eyes, nose and ears.

Make a Puppet Theatre

Did you know you can make your very own puppet theatre from a cardboard box? Firstly, cut a large rectangular hole in the front of the box. This will form the front of your theatre. Cut holes in the side of each box so that the puppets can enter the stage - a bit like the wings of a real theatre. Cut a hole in the top of the box which can be used for controlling the puppets or scenery inside the theatre. Paint and decorate your theatre as you wish. Go for plenty of glitz and glamour if you wish, or keep things simple.

Your puppet theatre will also need some curtains. So cut out two red pieces of fabric and pop these either side of your theatre stage. If you use a glue gun to secure them, make sure an adult is present to help.

Create your Backdrop 

Creating different backdrops will make your puppet show more realistic. You could draw the kitchen or living room onto pieces of card and drop these into the theatre from the hole you cut in the top of the box. 

Gather Your Props

If possible, find or make a range of small props you can use in your puppet show. You could create little playdough teapots, cups, plates and food items or raid your toy cupboard. Just make sure that the cups and saucers or cans you use aren’t bigger than the puppets themselves.

Learn a Script 

With your puppet theatre ready to go, it’s now time to learn the story. If you don’t want to follow the book word-by-word, you could write and practise your own script until it’s ready to perform.

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