Tiger Day: Fun kids activities in Chesterfield

If you’re wondering how to keep the kids entertained this February, why not have your very own tiger day? Our fascination with these majestic cats means there are lots of attractions and activities that you can enjoy, wherever you are. But for the purpose of this post, we’re going to focus on how to have an exciting tiger themed day in Chesterfield.


Visit the Winding Wheel Theatre

A tiger is coming to visit the Winding Wheel Theatre from 18-19 February, and if you love tigers you won’t want to miss out. The Olivier Award nominated production of The Tiger Who Came to Tea is fun for kids and grown-ups alike, retelling Judith Kerr’s best-selling story with sing-along songs, magic, and plenty of clumsy chaos. It’s one of the best family shows in Chesterfield this season, and with performances at 11.30am and 2.30am on both days, it’s the perfect interlude to a busy tiger-filled day.


Tiger painting

The weather in February is often dreary, so if you’re unable to find things to do in Chesterfield out and about, there are lots of crafts to enjoy indoors on your tiger day. Get the paints out and have a go at painting a picture of a tiger. Either copy a work like The Tiger by Franz Marc, or use your imagination to create a painting that’s full of energy. Alternatively, turn yourself into a tiger with face painting - but be sure to use proper face paints for this!


Tiger baking

Have you ever tried to bake a tiger cake? It’s easier than you might think and we’ve got a great recipe that you can follow. The secret to gorgeous stripes is to put scoops of your orange and black cake batter on top of one another, then give the tins a wiggle to spread the mixture out. When you cut into the finished cake, you’ll love the effect.


Tiger origami

Learn the art of Japanese paper folding by trying your hand at an origami tiger. You’ll need a piece of orange paper cut into a 15x15cm square, and a black pen to fill in the stripes. Start with the paper in a diamond and fold it in half to create a triangle. Then fold right to left, opening up the triangle again to make a crease.

Next, fold the top point down by about 2cm and bring the right and left hand corners up so that the fold starts at the bottom of your crease and the points stick up above the head like ears. Glue these in place and turn your paper over. Add eyes and stripes to finish your tiger.


If you’re looking for activities for energetic children this February, don’t miss out on first-class shows for kids like The Tiger Who Came To Tea. At 55 minutes with no interval, it’s ideal for children aged three and up, and offers a great way to introduce them to the magic of the theatre. Book your tickets today!