Tigers in the Tropical Rainforest

With their beautiful markings, incredible hunting abilities and independent personalities, it’s no wonder tigers are a source of fascination for humans. They appear in children’s books, movies, songs and even West End shows, with The Tiger Who Came To Tea being a great modern production for young children. But what do we know about this incredible species? Let’s take a closer look at tigers in the tropical rainforest.


Many Tigers Live in Tropical Rainforests 

Tigers have many different habitats. From mountains and mangroves to grasslands and forests, they can survive in a range of challenging environments, including tropical rainforests.

The Sumatran tiger inhabits the tropical rainforests of Sumatra Indonesia, while the Indochinese Tiger wanders from the grasslands of Southeast Asia to more tropical climates across Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. The Malayan Tiger, found only in the Malay Peninsula, has also been spotted in the tropical rainforests, as has the Bengal Tiger which frequents the rainforests of the northeastern parts of India. 


The Tropical Rainforest Offers Many Benefits for Tigers 

The tropical rainforest is an ideal habitat for tigers for the following reasons:

1. An Abundance of Prey 

Thanks to the biodiverse ecosystem of a rainforest, there’s plenty for tigers to eat. Potential prey for tigers includes deer, wild board and smaller animals. As carnivores, tigers need to live in a territory that allows them to consume large quantities of meat and the rainforest facilitates this.

  • 2. Dense Foliage for Stalking and Hunting 

Tropical rainforests provide plenty of dense vegetation for tigers to hide in. This makes it easier for them to stalk and hunt their prey. By launching a surprise attack, tigers are more likely to catch and eat the animal of their choice. Tiger stripes also provide great camouflage for tigers in a tropical rainforest. This is because the stripes look similar to the sun streaming down through the trees. 


  • 3. A Good Source of Water 

Tigers can’t live without decent water sources. But there are plenty of places to hydrate in a tropical rainforest including rivers, streams and lakes. Water sources also attract prey, making them an ideal hunting spot. Tigers love to swim too and can cross bodies of water easily. 


  • 4. Provides a large territory 

Rainforests tend to be incredibly vast, allowing tigers to establish and maintain large territories. Male tigers require large territories, but these often overlap with female territories to facilitate breeding. Adult male tigers can mark their territories through scent and tree scratchings, alerting others to their presence and preventing fights. 


  • 5. Isolation From Humans 

Poaching is a huge threat to tigers. The rainforest provides a place for them to hide and escape human interaction. Unfortunately, deforestation is putting more and more tigers at risk of wandering into human habitats, resulting in more conflict between the two. 

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