Top 10 Tiger Décor ideas for Your Home

In Chinese folklore, tigers are believed to be such powerful creatures that they have the ability to ward off three household disasters: fire, thieves and evil spirits. A painting of a tiger is often hung on a wall inside a building facing the entrance to ensure demons are too afraid to enter. Tigers are undoubtedly strong and fearless, and this bold attitude can be reflected in the interior design of your home. So here are ten of the best tiger décor ideas for your property.


  1. Hang Your Own Tiger Print 

Embrace Chinese legend and hang your very own tiger picture to keep bad energy out of your home. There are many different paintings, drawings and prints available - or you could create your own, getting the kids involved for a crafty afternoon. If your little ones love tigers already, don’t miss The Tiger Who Came To Tea currently showing in London. Theatre for preschoolers is fun, upbeat, and interactive - they’ll have a blast.

  1. Create a Feature Wall

Feature walls add colour and interest to any room and provide an opportunity to experiment with colours and designs. Hang some classy tiger wallpaper for a quirky and unique look. A jungle themed print with colourful flowers and tigers in the background could work well.

  1. Buy a Tiger Throw 

If your décor is largely minimalist, add a splash of colour and interest by draping a tiger throw over the back of your sofa. Throws come in all different designs and can either include just tiger stripes or a full tiger image.

  1. Invest in Tiger Cushions

Tiger cushions don’t have to be garish. They can be subtle and beautiful incorporating lots of different colours, designs and patterns. Think about the look you want to achieve before weighing up the various design options out there.


  1. Be Roarsome with a Tiger Door Knocker

Whether you want to give the postman a smile or amuse your friends when they come to visit, a tiger door knocker is sure to do the job.

  1. Hang Your Keys on a Tiger Tail

If you want to bring tiger décor into your home in a more subtle way, then a tiger cutout key hook is ideal. Hang your keys on the tiger’s tail and never lose them again.

  1. Use Tiger Coasters 

Simple, yet effective, tiger coasters will bring any table to life and are sure to spark a conversation or two. Protect your furniture in a fun, artistic way.

  1. Make a Statement with a Wood Leg Stool

Got room in your house for a statement piece? Then keep a lookout for a striped wood leg stool. Even if you’re a fan of minimalist colours, this stool will break things up a little and add interest.

  1. Brass Tiger Statue 

Pop a brass tiger statue on your fireplace or bedside table as a powerful yet subtle way to keep tiger décor in your home.

  1. Make Your Bed with a Tiger Duvet

There’s nothing quite like making the bed with clean sheets. But why not make a statement with a beautiful tiger duvet and matching pillows?


If you love tigers and have young kids at home, don’t forget to book your tickets to The Tiger Who Came to Tea at London’s Royal Haymarket Theatre. Family shows like this will keep your little ones entertained and introduce them to live performances. Theatre tickets for children’s shows are available now, so don’t miss out.