Top 10 Tiger Gift Ideas for Children

If your little one adores tigers, you might be looking for a tiger-inspired gift for them to enjoy. Luckily, you won’t be short of choice as there are many ways to celebrate their love for these majestic creatures. Here are 10 roarsome gift ideas.


  1. Tickets to The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Why not surprise your youngster with tickets to a London show? The Tiger Who Came to Tea is currently playing at the Royal Theatre Haymarket and is great for children aged three and above. Based on the children’s book by Judith Kerr, this interactive and engaging show would make a perfect birthday present for any tiger-mad child.


  1. Cuddly tiger

Who doesn’t love a cuddly toy? A cuddly tiger is the perfect bedtime pal, and an ideal gift for a younger child. They can snuggle up to their tiger at night and even play games with it, making up imaginative adventures.


  1. Tiger bag

A tiger backpack or tote bag is a great and practical gift for children whatever their age. Whether they want to take it to school or bring it along on shopping trips, it allows them to showcase their love for these mighty creatures in public.


  1. Tiger water bottle

Children love to have their own personal items, and a water bottle that’s just for them is a great gift. They can take it on day trips or use it at sports practice to stay hydrated - all while showing the cool design off to their friends.


  1. Tiger books

Books are always popular with kids, and if you plan to get London theatre tickets for The Tiger Who Came to Tea, it might be a good idea to ensure they know the book. If it’s a story they already love, there are plenty of others out there, from picture books like There’s a Tiger in the Garden by Lizzy Stewart to non-fiction books full of facts and photography.


  1. Tiger puzzles

Puzzles are great for entertaining kids of all ages, and if your little one is tiger-mad they’ll love the challenge of recreating their favourite big cat. Puzzles come in a range of sizes, from 36 to 200-piece jigsaws for younger children to 1000 piece options for teens.


  1. Face paints

If your child likes to get creative, they’ll enjoy perfecting their face painting skills. Select a box of kid-friendly face paints with orange, white and black colours included, and challenge them to turn themselves into a tiger.


  1. Craft kits

Crafting can keep kids occupied for ages, so a craft kit that includes things like orange and black paper, crayons, felt, paper plates, scissors and glue is sure to keep your little one busy. They can make masks, finger puppets, bookmarks and more - all with a few basics.


  1. Tiger jewellery

If your child is old enough for jewellery, a charm bracelet with a tiger charm is an elegant gift. It’s a more subtle option for kids who are maturing, but still allows them to keep their favourite animal close.


  1. Adopt a tiger

Older children who are conscious of conservation efforts may like the gift of a tiger adoption. Organisations such as the WWF and Born Free offer adoptions, which come with regular updates and photos of the child’s chosen tiger.


Don’t miss the chance to treat your kids with a trip to see The Tiger Who Came to Tea, which is among the best London theatre shows for children.