Top 5 The Tiger Who Came to Tea Cake Ideas

The Tiger Who Came to Tea is a very popular children’s book by Judith Kerr. It’s also one of the most-loved family theatre shows of the moment, retelling the story with sing-along songs, dancing and clumsy chaos. If the show  inspired you to host a tea party of your own, here are five cake ideas to get you started. 


Tiger Stripe Marble Cake 

One of the most on-theme cakes you can make is a tiger stripe marble cake. You’ll need to make two lots of cake batter - one orange and one chocolate, then pop them into the same cake tin to create a stripe effect. Ice the outside with a smooth orange buttercream and black fondant stripes for an impressive finish. 

Tiger Face Cake 

If you’re a confident baker, you could try making a tiger face cake. Cut the cake itself into a tiger face shape and then cover it with orange fondant. You can then use white fondant for the eyes and mouth area before adding black fondant details. Sourcing one from a shop will also work if you don’t feel ready to get this creative. 


Tiger Cupcake Tower 

A cupcake tower is a great idea for a tea party and there are many things you can do for a tiger theme. The easiest option is to top each cupcake with swirls of orange icing with black stripes. Alternatively you could make some chocolate and some orange sponges then arrange them to look like stripes. You could even get hold of edible tiger stickers for each one. 


Tiger Cake Pops 

Tiger cake pops are sure to be hugely popular with kids. Make the cake pops as you usually would with the help of a mould. When baked and cooled, cover each one in an orange icing and dip into orange and black sprinkles. 

Chocolate orange cake 

If you’ve read The Tiger Who Came to Tea or seen it on stage, you’ll know that the cheeky tiger eats and drinks just about everything in the house. So, there’s no reason why you can’t bake your favourite sweet treat for a tiger tea party. Chocolate cakes are always popular and can be finished with an orange buttercream for effect. You might even want to make a chocolate orange cake to stay on theme. Decorate with chocolate orange segments for the ‘wow’ factor. 

Note that you can always turn full-size cakes into smaller muffins if you plan on layering the cakes up on a display stand and serving with other treats such as sandwiches with the crusts cut off, mini quiches, homemade scotch eggs and more.

If you’re looking for ‘plays near me’ or ‘theatres near me,’ don’t miss The Tiger Who Came To Tea live on stage. This wonderful show is currently touring the UK, so find your closest production and treat the kids to a great day out. This show is perfect for little ones ages three and above. It doesn’t have an interval so they should be able to sit and enjoy without getting restless.