Top 7 Tigers In Children's Books

Tigers have been voted the world's favourite animal. The largest species of feline on Earth, these black and orange striped big cats are amazing hunters.

Tigers make great story characters! Hungry, friendly, fierce or playful, there are all kinds of Tigers to be found in children’s books, but these have to be the top 7.

1. Tiger Who Came To Tea – Judith Kerr

In this lovely children’s book, Judith Kerr writes about an ever-hungry Tiger who loves to eat everything in Sophie’s house. Washed down with a pot of tea, the meal grows larger and larger. This Tiger is gentle, polite and voracious – we all wish he’d come round to ours!

2. Tigger in Winnie the Pooh – A.A. Milne

Tigger is a cat that comes with his own song, thanks to the amazing Disney adaptations. “The wonderful thing about Tiggers” might just be stuck in your head all day! Tigger is rambunctious, fun loving and energetic, and kids of all ages love to read about him and watch his escapades.

3. The Jungle Book - Rudyard Kipling

The Shere Khan of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book is a complex character. Probably the most Tigery Tiger of them all, Kahn is a fierce hunter, and proud and arrogant too. Khan is on a mission to hunt, and young Mowgli is about to cross his path!

4. The Tiger Who Would Be King - James Thurber

James Thurber’s 1927 parable The Tiger Who Would Be King is the story of an ego-maniac Tiger who sets out to become King of the Jungle, tearing the forest apart in the process. Few children’s books so neatly explain the futility and monstrousness of war in such a concise, manageable way.

5. Augustus And His Smile – Catherine Rayner

Catherine Rayner paints a magic world with her story and illustrations. Augustus is on the hunt, but not for food – he is looking for his missing smile.

6. Tiger On A Tree - Anushka Ravishankar

It follows a playful Tiger who wanders into an Indian village, much to the alarm of the locals. This simple story presents a dilemma in black, white and orange - what do you do with a Tiger once you’ve caught it?

7. Mr Tiger Goes Wild – Peter Brown

Tiger Goes Wild is a beautiful hardcover book filled with amazing illustrations. These illustrations reflect the emotions that MrTiger is feeling and how he feels he fits in (or does not fit in) with the rest of society.

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